Wednesday, June 01, 2016

OCC/RWA President's Message

Hello Fabulous OCC Writers,

Wow! It’s June! Can you believe it? This year is going fast, or at least it seems to be to me. I love all the great things that are happening to our members here at OCC. Please during the meeting when we have the member news part, get up and speak. I love to hear all the great news as I’m sure the other members do as well. It is inspirational and definitely motivational to hear what’s going on with everyone else. Congratulations to those of you who strive daily to make your dreams come true.

Last month we had Brenna Aubrey in the morning session speaking on “The Digital Co-Op: Getting Visible on the Virtual Bookshelf” and Publisher Michelle Klayman from Boroughs Publishing Group speaking on, “From Submission to Release: The Publishers POV.” I’m told both sessions were spectacular. This month we will have a morning and afternoon session to prepare for RWA in San Diego! I hope you all are as excited as I am for this meeting as well as for the conference in July. It is close to home and will be July 13-16, 2016. I hope to see you all there, representing Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

I would encourage you all to take advantage of the many opportunities for taking classes with OCC and other venues. OCC strives to have classes that are informative, educational and beneficial to our membership. This month we have Researching and Writing Historical Fiction with Cindy Vallar from May 16- June 12, 2016 and then on June 13-July 10, 2016 we have Scrivener A to Z, with Rebeca Schiller. The cost for classes are reasonable at $20 for OCC members and $30 for non-members. For more information please go to

We’re never too young or too old to learn, something new and with every lesson there is something we can take away from it. Join me in being a life learner here at OCCRWA and in life. Take classes, and share your knowledge with your fellow members. With that in mind I’d encourage you, if you have knowledge in an area that would benefit OCCRWA please think about teaching an online course through OCCRWA or speaking at an OCCRWA meeting. To teach an online class please send the proposal: to the online class coordinator at: If you wish to be a speaker at a meeting please send an email to Liz Scott at:

As always fellow authors, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. Your commitment to excellence is what keeps OCCRWA one of the best chapters in the nation. Our sincerest thanks for being a part of this great chapter where our motto is: “One hand reaching forward, one hand reaching back, in a continuing chain.”


Nichelle Scott-Williams aka Nikki Prince