Sunday, May 01, 2016

President's Message

Hello OCC!

Last month was a fabulous meeting, but then, in my opinion, all of our meetings shine with friendship, triumphs, and inspiration. Inspiration is everywhere we look in our chapter, from the roses, the speakers, the tooting of our horns, the chats I’ve had with members and just everyone’s determination that no matter what this is their calling and they keep going. Thank you to all of you, as you inspire me to strive to reach all of my goals. I do hope that I am able to inspire in some way and/or that there are others who inspire you as well.

Last month we had Kitty Bucholtz n the morning speaking on “Going the Distance: Time & Project Management for Writers” and in the Afternoon we had Tara Lain speaking on “Insider Marketing Secrets for Authors.” The speakers for this meeting gave us some great information that everyone could find useful, and I definitely enjoyed myself and hope that you all did as well.

This coming month I will be out of state and my Vice President of Communications Annette Macias (Sabrina Sol) will be heading the meeting. I know you all will show her just as much love as you show me. Our speakers for that meeting will be our own Brenna Aubrey speaking on “Digital Co-op: Getting Visible” in the morning session and then we will have Michelle Klayman from Boroughs Publishing Group speaking in the afternoon on, “From Submission to Release, the Publisher's POV.”

Have a beautiful meeting and I will see you soon! Remember as always OCC’s motto, “One hand reaching forward and one hand reaching back.” Keep on writing and keep on motivating and inspiring!


Nichelle Scott-Williams aka Nikki Prince