Sunday, March 06, 2016

Lion and Lamb

by Linda O. Johnston

March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb.  That's the expression, and it's supposed to refer to weather. 

I live in LA, and this year March has come in like a lamb, although some rain is expected around now.  No huge El Nino effect as previously predicted, though.  And I anticipate it'll also go out like a lamb. 

But if I look at non-weather things, the expression may apply.  My March started with my having a lot to do on the writing front, from finalizing a couple of copyedits for books to be published this year, to several proposals--some required and others self-imposed, to working on a manuscript for which I'm under deadline.   

On top of that were a couple of trips--the one to New York that I mentioned last time, plus one to Phoenix for Left Coast Crime, both at the end of February but affecting my March.  I've also had an unexpected and busy family visit--fun, but time-consuming.  And a few other things that have required time. 

Plus, I'm hoping to attend this month's OCC meeting, although I couldn't last month. 

I love being a work-from-home writer, especially when I am at home.  And most of the things that have taken up my time have been good.  But I'm finally foreseeing and hoping for some of them to end so I actually have more time to write! 

I'm sure all of you reading this can identify some with it, even if the details in your life are very different.  My three-year-old grandson, after being told that Grandma writes books, has kept asking me why.   

My response--and most likely yours, too--is that I love it!