Monday, June 01, 2015

June President's Message

Greetings OCC!

I’m so excited to be able to say that I will be with you for this June meeting. I missed you all. I’ve heard wonderful things about Annette and Liz taking over the meeting for me and I’m forever grateful to them for doing so. Once again thank you Annette and Liz. In fact, thanks to all of you who make this chapter run smoothly. Last month we had Sakada and Agent Rachel Brooks. This month we have Jess Michaels speaking in the morning on “The Great Agent Search” and in the afternoon session on “Finding & Rediscovering the Joy of Writing.”

I’m constantly asked how I can work full time, be a mom full time, go to school full time with honors, graduate and still write. Goals. This month is about goal setting. Why goal setting, you ask? Well, goal setting as a writer is extremely important as most of you know. I’ve been writing goals for myself since I decided that I wanted to become a published author. So, at the beginning of each year I will open up a word doc and make a list of things I’d like to accomplish that year. I also write down goals for my week or month.

This has been a huge help in my getting published. It’s partly because this task puts a fire under my behind and tells me to keep moving even when I’m tired, frustrated, feeling blocked…yeah you know at your wit’s end.

I want to let you all know that you also play a part in keeping me motivated and moving forward. Now also remember though, goals can change. You don’t have to play hard and fast with the goals you set. You can be as loose as you need to be. So, this month…take a look at your goals. Write the vision down…make it plain in your mind …and nothing can stop you!

Balance is key.

What’s Coming Up?

This year’s October Birthday Bash! The theme will be Once Upon a Time. We’re hoping everyone will join us in costume with his or her favorite fairytale character. More information will be shared later.

I’d like to take this time to remind you all that the only way to have a well-running OCC is to have members who volunteer. There are plenty more positions that need to be filled and can be made into committees so that one person isn’t doing it alone.

Decorating Committee (Programs); Ways and Means (Programs); Welcoming Committee (Secretary and Membership); and Online class moderators contact Mary Kozlowski @

Bash info:

If you’d like to help Marie Loggia-Kee (Louisa Bacio) with the pajama parties, please contact her. Also Tari Porter Jewett is head of decorating for the Bash if you can help her with decorating I’m sure she’d love it.

We’re also looking for fresh new articles on craft and the business of writing for the blog and the newsletter. In addition, we’d like to celebrate special days with you such as your birthday or anniversaries. If you’d care to submit those items, please send them to Annette Macias. You can contact Annette Macias ( for articles for the newsletter and Marianne Donley ( for the Slice of Orange blog. If interested please get ahold of anyone on the board and we will steer you in the right direction.

Once again, my fellow authors thank you for all that you do and your commitment to OCC/RWA where our motto is: “One hand reaching forward, one hand reaching back, in a continuing chain.”


Nichelle Scott-Williams
Aka Nikki Prince