Sunday, February 01, 2015

President's Message: February 14th

 January was a perfect meeting.  I can't tell you how welcomed everyone made me feel as my first time as President.  Thank you.  Candace Havens morning and afternoon sessions talking "Fast Draft" and "Revision Hell" were perfect.  Mary Kozlowski received an award for 2014 Volunteer of the Year and Marie Loggia-Kee received an award for being our President for 2014 along with others receiving roses for contracts.  Marie was always telling me how much of a pleasure it was to stand up there and handout awards and now I got to see that for myself, how right she is!

We have Debra Holland speaking in the morning on "Writing with Heart" and Kilt Kilpatrick speaking from the male perspective on "The Dangerous Adventures of an Accidental Erotica Writer."

Debra Holland is a long time member of OCC and New York Times and USA Today bestselling author and as always it is a pleasure to pick her brain and gain some insight into her writing process.  "Writing with Heart" is perfect for this Valentines day program!

Kilt Kilpatrick was here last year with his wife Dana Fredsti when she came to speak to us about zombie romances.  He loved us so much that very afternoon he booked a slot to speak with us this year.  It is always nice to gain a male perspective and OCC is a very welcoming place.

Valentines is a day for love and what better place to be than at a meeting filled with those who write about love?  I can't wait to see you there!

Nichelle Scott-Williams
aka Nikki Prince