Friday, January 04, 2013

A New Resolution

Over the years I’ve made numerous resolutions, some of them I’ve managed to follow through successfully, many others I’ve given up on months, weeks and sometimes even just days after making the resolution. This year, I’m looking back over the past year and previous resolutions, and I have a new resolution, one I’ve never made before.

1992 my resolutions were to lose weight (I had just given birth to my third son), be perfectly groomed, have a perfect home and write a column for my local newspaper….I got the column and wrote it for 4 years.

1998 my resolutions were to lose weight, be perfectly groomed, have a perfect home, and homeschool my younger boys….hahahahaha, well I did homeschool the boys and any of you who have homeschooled know exactly what happened to the rest of those resolutions.

2002 my resolutions were to lose weight, be perfectly groomed, move to Wyoming, have a perfect home and write. We moved to Wyoming.

2008 my resolutions were to lose weight, move back to California, be perfectly groomed and write….we moved back to California

2012 I resolved to lose weight, be perfectly groomed, have a perfect home and write a novel. I wrote the first draft of my novel, and began editing.

So my resolution for 2013…to stop making resolutions and set goals.

When I look back at my list of resolutions, I noticed that each of the things that I actually achieved became a goal. I actually planned and followed steps to achieve my goal. The other things just stayed ‘resolutions’. I resolved to ‘lose weight’, and had good intentions to do so even lost a few pounds here and there (and gained them back), but never made a plan that I could follow, never set real goals. I resolved to have a ‘perfect home’, but of course I had three sons, a husband and a dog, seriously…probably not a reasonable goal!!

So for 2013 my new resolution is to set goals, and these are my goals:

I will have my first novel ready to submit by Valentine’s, and the first draft of my second book done by July.

I’ll learn to write on the computer, instead of in a spiral notebook with a ten cent bic pen, although I really love to write that way….because now that I have a day job, I’ll never reach my first goal unless I make this my second.

I’ll have a manicure at least once a month. (I’m going to have to slowly work up to ‘perfectly groomed’.)

As for the perfect house, hahahahaha, I’m a writer. Did anyone really think that would happen?

So OCC members, are you making resolutions or setting goals? What do you plan to accomplish this year? Tell us right here, and we’ll get back to you this time next year and compare notes!!

Happy New Year everyone, see you at the January meeting 

~Tari Lynn Jewett 
 OCC/RWA VP 2013