Saturday, April 02, 2011

The President's Message

It’s so strange not to be having a meeting this month, so I’m hoping everyone is putting the time to good use. For myself, I’m planning on attending the RT book signing with a few friends from the Chapter. If you have never been to a large book signing before, it may be something to consider. It gets a bit crazy, but what’s not to love about a big room filled with authors. I find myself wondering what it will be like when I have my first book published and the thrill of signing at one of our meetings.

If you haven’t heard by now, one of our long-time members, Monica Stoner (who is currently a long distant member) has sold her first book. What great news and I can only imagine what it must be like to “get the call.” Being a member of OCC and RWA is such a terrific opportunity. These two organizations offer so much to help you get published and to keep you publishing.

Once your book is on the shelf is just the beginning.The name of the game is to have that book sell. Now this is where being a member of OCC is a plus - support. There are many avenues where you can pick-up a copy of a member’s book, from Michelle Thorne-Grimes, our Chapter Book Seller, for one. You may now be downloading your books to your eReader. It doesn’t matter where you purchase or how, but that you do.

Are you aware that when one of our published member’s book hits the shelves, the first week is very important? The New York Times bestsellers’ list is based on weekly sales reports obtained from selected samples of independent and chain bookstores and wholesalers throughout the United States. What better way to show our support than making sure we purchase their books that first week of publication? Who knows, it could be your purchase that puts them on that list. What better way to say THANK YOU for volunteering to judge the Orange Rose Contest and the Golden Heart, for stepping up to be the author for the First Chapter Critique and Ask-An-Author, and presenting a workshop or special event. And, when our authors are signing at a meeting, take a minute to say “hi,” even if you don’t have a book for them to sign.

Looking forward to seeing you in May and keep an eye open for an email on the Announcement Loop about the meeting.