Saturday, February 05, 2011

Contest Deadlines

February Contest Deadlines

Updated and all sites tested...Compiled by Donna Caubarreaux....May be forwarded with credits.
EA = Electronic Format Available
EA/Non US = Electronic for Foreign Entries
EO = Electronic Only
MO = Members Only
U = Unpublished
P = Published
P/3 = Not published in three years
Pnr = Published, but not by RWA standards
PC = Not published in category selected

Stroke of Midnight Contest (U - PC - EO)
Passionate Ink
Received by February 7, 2011 (Extended)
First thirty-five pages. (at least 10K words)
The Shelia (EO - U - P/5)
Valley Forge Romance Writers
Deadline: February 11, 2011
Total of 35 pages, includes synopsis (not to exceed five pages)

The Sandy (U - EO)
Crested Butte Writers
Deadline: Midnight - February 13, 2011
First twenty pages and up to two page synopsis.
Between the Sheets
Greater Detroit RWA
Deadline: February 14, 2011
Entries shall include a ten-page love scene (sweet to erotic) and a one-page
unjudged set-up.
2011 Manuscript Contest
Writers' League of Texas
Deadline: February 15, 2011 (Postmarked or Delivered by 6:00 PM)
One page synopsis (250 words) and first ten pages (2500 words).
Fire and Ice (U - P/5)
Chicago-North RWA
Received by February 16, 2011
First twenty-five pages.
Jeannie Gray Golden Frendship Award (U - Golden Heart Entrants)
GH99er Loop
Received by Midnight EST on February 18, 2011
250-300 word essay. Topic is on website.
PNWA Literary Contest (U - EO for romance entries)
Pacific Northwest Writers Association
Received by February 18, 2011
Twenty-eight page limit which includes synopsis.

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