Friday, August 27, 2010

A Fantasy Life by Janet Quinn Cornelow

I have been trying to get myself motivated to write. It hasn’t been going very well. I went to plot group this morning and five of the members had stories that they needed help with. It is always a great time. We meet about every six weeks and have breakfast, then work, then have lunch. Lots of eating. Lots of working.

I wasn’t one of the five with something to plot. Then I’ve plotted two stories and haven’t started either one of them. I did finally finish the contest I had running on my website. Other than that, I have managed to accomplish nothing when it comes to writing.

Maybe tomorrow when I go to lunch with Debra Young, my critique partner, I will get more inspired. I am setting a goal to start writing in September and writing every week. I’ll see how that goes.

Then it hasn’t been the best month. Rob’s wife lost the baby and everyone was very upset. This too will pass, but for the moment things are a bit unsettled.