Sunday, June 06, 2010

Orlando or Not

I’d signed up to attend the RWA National Conference in Nashville. It was a no-brainer. My husband and I were turning it into a family trip. He was even picking up his mother in Ohio to join us.

When the venue was changed to Orlando (and I feel really bad for the folks in Nashville), I considered long and hard whether I wanted to go. My husband and m-i-l weren’t going. The travel was longer, and even though the hotel was less expensive, the plane fares were higher.

So, I pondered much longer than I should have. Fortunately, a sweet friend who’d already changed her plans to attend the conference in Orlando, and booked a hotel room, patiently waited for me to let her know if I’d be rooming with her.

I asked for input from the professionals I’d want to meet with if I did go. Their opinions? They hoped to see me there.

As a result, I’m intending to go to Orlando.

So... hope to see you there, too!

Linda O. Johnston