Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Fantasy Life

By Janet Quinn Cornelow

I can’t believe that I have been doing this blog for two years now. This is my 24th entry. Time does do by fast.

For those of you who used to help me do the newsletter all those years ago and knew Rob, he got married in September. Talk about time going by fast. He used to wait impatiently for the “portant” ladies to show up to help mom. Jill Marie Landis spent as much time cutting and pasting with Rob as she did helping with the newsletter. He just thought it was the greatest thing to get to help, though I’m not sure how much help he was. Then, he was only three.

Now he’s sort of all grownup and married.

My contemporary, fantasy romance was released on September 18 from Whiskey Creek Press. It was a fun book to write because the heroine was a witch and so many funny things could happen along the way. It is lighter than the other books I have written.

Now I am getting ready to build a new world for a fantasy, alternate universe book that I am finally going to start. There is an evil wizard, the hero from contemporary New York, and the heroine from the same universe as the evil wizard. Both the hero and heroine are in law enforcement, but the heroine uses magic instead of bullets to capture felons. I’m still working on what is the same in both universes so that the readers realize that it is an alternate universe. That seems to be the most difficult part.