Friday, November 07, 2008


My Movie Debut
by Geralyn Ruane

October 29, 2008 – my world premiere! I play Darla in the film Daryl From OnCar. You’ll love this 9-minute flick on the web because it’s all about COC! Mmmruh...COC. Creator Owned Content.

Let me clarify. Daryl From OnCar isn’t exactly about COC. It’s a comedy about what happens when an ordinary man becomes too dependent on an overly obliging customer service rep. But while the movie isn’t about COC, it is a shining example of some of the greatest COC out there. Mmmruh.

Last winter I blogged about the Writer’s Guild of America’s strike. Screenwriters were fighting for more rights, more money and more credit for the sale and distribution of their work. The WGA ended up getting much of what they demanded from the studios, but the strike resulted in more than Internet rights, DVD royalties, and an un-cancelled Oscars show. Out of the ashes of the strike rose Strike TV.

Founded by WGA writers who met on the picket lines, Strike TV is a website that features original short films and episodic shows produced directly for the Internet. Some of the WGA’s most talented writers used their off-picket line strike time to produce comedy and drama unedited by networks, unchanged by studios or unaffected by corporate agendas. The site premieres new shows and films every week and the writers are producing more and more COC for their bombarded website.

The Revolution has just begun. Strike TV is creating a world in which writers break free from studio notes and network mandates. You can see this audacious new world if you try - it’s a world where writers no longer have to put up with non-writers telling them how to write.

This world is just around the corner, at Strike TV.

Though she makes her film debut in Daryl From OnCar, our winsome blogger likes the movie Can't Buy Me Love even better. When not watching eighties movies or Giants football, Miss Ruane co-hosts the radio show Better Times After 50 on Her short story “Jane Austen Meets the New York Giants” is published in the New York Times Bestselling anthology The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2.